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Men’s and Women’s Retreats

Stepping through the portal of initiation, we open the path to discovery of the true power shield of both woman and man during these retreats.  When we open this age-old quest, we see into the mirror of the feminine and the masculine balance within and how we dance between the twin energies of yielding and changing. We walk the trail between the one who is born into the dream and the one who becomes the dream, teaching ourselves to recognize influences in our lives and what needs to be let go that holds us back from the true power that resides within each of us.  We sit in men’s and women’s councils, sharing our understanding of the roles we play and council on important questions and issues as we listen to the wisdom from each other.

At March 11-15, 2015  this ceremony is held in Denmark. Click here for more info. 

Inquire at institute@ehama.org